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Email Marketing

Client: Logo Product Experts - LPE
With literally more than a million products offered, the client and the agency work together to select logo products and write a tip that will position them as the experts they are using an email marketing campaign. In each month's email (branded as the "Bubble Express"), recipients get a tip on using logo products for marketing, a feature or special and a few examples of "hot pick" items that would work for the logo product marketing tip given. The goal is to generate new inquiries and peak the interest of current clients.

Results: The client receives an above average open rate of 30% and a click-through rate of about 15%. Each month the client gets at least a few new inquiries and calls from current clients about the email. The interesting point to note is that call and email volumes increase overall and many times they are regarding something not even mentioned on the email... but we know that it was the email that prompted the response.

"Our email campaign is just part of the comprehensive marketing plan that we work with Jordan & Jordan on... but we consider it the heart of our marketing. And in addition to the nice results and recognition we get from our email campaign, we are thrilled with the fact that Jordan & Jordan completely manages the campaign for us!
Chris Elliott, President

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